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Absolute Trust

Absolute Trust gathers the Trusted Services of Worldline. 

These Trust Services are encompassing 3 main domains: 

Digital Identity

Addresses National and Bank ID schemes, to increase trust in digital transactions and secure the digital economy.

Digital Signature

Enables digital contract for fully digital end-user agreements within business workflows, across multiple channels.

Digital Preservation

Keeps the legal value of digital archives for public services as well as private companies.

The user’s acceptance is the key point of digitization services. Worldline brings you its expertize to design those services in line with your strategy by finding the most cost-effective balance between the user’s experience and the required level of security.

More information can be retrieved on our Web Site:

Worldline [Euronext: WLN] is the European leader in the payment and transactional services industry. Thanks to a presence in 30+ countries, Worldline is the payment partner of choice delivering cutting-edge digital services. Worldline employs 11,000 people worldwide, with 2018 pro forma revenue of 2.2 billion euros.


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