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Transchain est une société française spécialisée dans la blockchain publique dédiée à tout le secteur B2B. Elle propose des solutions de confiance digitale pour la sécurité des données et accompagne ses clients dans leurs projets de transformation digitale en les conseillant et en leur apportant une solution technologique adaptée à leurs besoins.

Transchain, founded in Strasbourg in 2018, places the certification and sensitive data protection at the heart of its business.

The features of its blockchain as a service (BaaS) technology tailored for B2B and its Katena solution address issues in a wide range of areas which require a certification, traceability, sharing, timestamping or a digital signature of documents, and this in a sovereign manner.

At the age of digital ubiquity throughout the society several data processing issues arise. Transchain ambition is to provide businesses but also citizens with the ability to choose where they send their information, to establish a lasting trust in the digital with each of their customers and to ensure their sovereignty and control over their own data, without third-party intervention.

Only two and a half years after its creation, the company already took part to two CES shows in Las Vegas and to VivaTech show in Paris , employs about fifteen people and has three offices (Strasbourg, Paris and Madrid).

College Pépinière de la Confiance
Address 21 rue Jacobi-Netter
Postal code 67200
City Strasbourg
Full name Banzet Pierre
Mobile phone number 06 30 83 31 85