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At the core of the power system, RTE keeps the balance between power consumption and generation. Twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, we play a key role in directing the flow of electricity and maximizing power system efficiency for our customers and the community. We convey electricity throughout mainland France, from power generation facilities to industrial consumers who are connected to the transmission grid, and to the distribution grid which provide the link between RTE and end users. We operate France's high and extra-high voltage transmission system, the biggest in Europe. We are the French transmission system operator, owner of the biggest transmission network in Europe. We focus our efforts on benefits for our customers, using power generators, distribution system operators, industrial customers and traders in order to benefit the community. We propose valuable solutions which contribute to system cost control and preserve economic activity. We play an active role in structuring the electricity market and devise solutions to optimize its use. We are constantly in touch with our local, national and European partners. We develop innovative and forward-thinking solutions in order to develop the grid for smart power, thus supporting the economy and the energy landscape of the future. Interconnected with our European neighbors, we support energy transition by accommodating renewable energy and maximizing their contribution through the extensive interconnectivity of our grid at both local and European levels. Combined with our innovative solutions, this interconnectivity facilitates flexible, responsive and efficient grid operation while also facilitating demand side management.

College Collège 4 : Les institutionnels et les professions réglementées
Address JEC - Inspection Générale, Immeuble WINDOW 7C, place du Dôme
Postal code 92073
Full name OUILLON Bernard
Position Executive Manager Office of The Inspection General / Attache de Direction a l Inspection Generale
Phone number + 33 1 41 02 16 15
Mobile phone number +33 6 46 45 22 92