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Solution technologique intégrée de protection de l’identité numérique et des données personnelles attachées aux personnes, au biens et au documents.

O ° code designs and markets technologies for the identification and digital protection of goods, documents and people to allow irrefutable authentication, collaborative traceability and high security of the associated data.


This solution is based in particular on a system of digital and physical unitary inviolable and unalterable, and access according to rights to a database distributed in blockchain to allow consultation and a fluid and secure contribution between different actors.


One goal : put the trust back at the heart of every deals


This technology makes it possible, among other things, to fight against document fraud, counterfeiting or the concealment of goods, to manage a fleet or a fleet of assets, to streamline the collaborative management of equipment support and maintenance, to dematerialize and secure documents, to manage the evidence .....


We work for the SNCF, the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the Imprimerie Nationale, the Dubrueil Group, Stampyt, among others, and we are working on many other use cases and customers.

O ° code is expanding rapidly and many issues related to the digital identity of goods, documents and people invite us to believe that we will play a major role in the evolution of digital in France and in the world.


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