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Microlist est une Société de services pour les Entreprises. Acteur depuis 1974 en prestations de services pour l’archivage de données des Entreprise, Microlist a rejoint le Groupe Numeria en 2012. Microlist prend en charge l’ensemble des flux entrants et sortants des entreprises (data et documents) pour la gestion électronique, la dématérialisation et l’archivage légal dans le respect des contraintes juridiques et fiscales.

Microlist is a service provider. Created in 1974, Microlist was one of the first French Company to provide legal archiving processing of company data (traditionally archived on silver-based supports). Microlist has evolved with modern technology to offer today a broad range of electronic data and file management services for Companies. We are committed to satisfying our customers‘ needs for quality of service and data security. - Dematerialization of social data (electronic remuneration statements, work contracts, digital personnel files…). We are connected to the french public CPA system (site for consulting employee payroll records). - Dematerialization of customer invoices for tax purposes (e-invoicing, EDI). We are connectec to the French public entity Chorus pro gateway for sharing and processing dematerialized invoices. - Digital archiving according to legal and fiscal regulations Electronic documents are hosted in 2 safe and secure data centers. We offer solutions in SaaS where you can access or search for documents using customized search criteria. For off-line use, we also create portable digital media accessible without installing the software. Our electronic safe solutions ensure confidentiality and security for all users. - Document digitization Preparation, indexing, quality checks, retrieval and availability. Our solutions use OCR, ICR, OMR, OBR, and document capturing technologies. Development of digitization workflows - Printing, packaging, mailing Customization, direct-mailing, printing of paychecks, invoices… In 2012, Microlist integrated the Numeria Group to expand its position on the market and offer a broader range of self-developed solutions. The dematerialization process is entirely handled internally form receipt document flow (paper or digital) to their retrieval. A simple, efficient and smooth service, optimized by having only one point of contact the throughout. We are dedicated to innovating and following the latest technologies and archiving legislations to always meet requirements and offer the best solutions.
College Collège 2 : Prestataires et éditeurs de confiance
Address Parc d'Activités des Bellevues - Eragny Parc - Immeuble Minnesota - 5 allée Rosa Luxembourg - CS 10161 Eragny
Postal code 95618
Full name Jean Charles Ribard
Phone number 01 34 48 22 80