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LreFrance propose des solutions dans le traitement numérique des envois de courriers et de Lettres Recommandées Électroniques (LRE) sur internet.

o Lrefrance offers a secure online service for sending electronic documents in SaaS mode and meets all your needs for the electronic sending of your letters and documents. o We guarantee the integrity of the content sent to the recipient with end-to-end visibility of the shipment (sending, acceptance, refusal, ...) • The service offers : o Sending all types of documents o Attachments in any electronic format o Traceability and timestamping o Archiving during the legal period • The service is available 7/7 & 24/24 from any computer with Internet access, via the online service or in the business software. • Lrefrance offers a service in the strict respect of the French legal norms and in conformity with the European regulation Eidas
College Pépinière de la Confiance
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