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Dr Holger Muehlbauer - Managing Director of TeleTrusT

Alain Bobant : It is a great pleasure to carry out this interview with you. TeleTrusT is our oldest foreign member, and we will not forget the special place you occupy. How was TeleTrusT born ?

Dr Holger Muehlbauer : TeleTrusT was founded in 1989, originally for promoting electronic signature technology. Since then, the scope has been significantly widen.

A.B. : How does TeleTrusT function ? 

Dr H.M. : TeleTrusT is a widespread competence network for IT security comprising members from industry, administration, research as well as national and international partner organizations with similar objectives. TeleTrusT provides interdisciplinary fora for IT security experts and facilitates information exchange between vendors, users and authorities. TeleTrusT comments on technical, political and legal issues related to IT security and is organizer of events and conferences. TeleTrusT provides:
- Opportunities to network with diverse members and non-members
- Company information listing on the TeleTrusT website
- Priority opportunities to speak at TeleTrusT conferences and workshops
- Publication of papers and reports
- Meetings with regulators and professionals driving the evolutions of IT standards
- Building of a vibrant network of contacts with expertise in your focus area of interest
- Partnership in Joint Research Projects
- Legislation, legal, privacy and policy updates
- Opportunities to discuss issues with government and administration representatives
- Influence interoperability and technology issues and solutions
- Contacts with regulators and professionals driving the evolution of IT security
TeleTrusT enables members to share experiences and best practice by holding meetings and conferences, by facilitating working groups who produce reports on topical subjects and by helping members to connect with the right person to help solve business issues or develop beneficial business relationships. TeleTrusT works with its national and international members, governmental bodies, standards organizations and interoperability initiatives. TeleTrusT’s remit is to educate and inform on the latest developments, at the same time enabling its members to compare their views. The work produced by the association with its members (projects, papers, working group meetings, tutorials, reports etc.) is funded by both membership subscriptions and revenue generated through fee-paying events.

A.B. : What place does TeleTrusT occupy in digital economy in Germany ?

Dr H.M. : With a broad range of members and partner organizations TeleTrusT embodies the largest competence network for IT security in Germany and Europe. TeleTrusT should be seen primarily as a networking platform. 

A.B. : What are the projects and wishes of TeleTrusT for the future ?

Dr H.M. : TeleTrusT is a non-profit association, whose objective is to promote information security professionalism, raising awareness and best practices in all domains of information security. TeleTrusT is carrier of the "European Bridge CA" (EBCA; PKI network of trust), the quality seal "IT Security made in Germany" and runs the IT expert certification programs "TeleTrusT Information Security Professional" (T.I.S.P.) and "TeleTrusT Engineer for System Security" (T.E.S.S.). TeleTrusT is a member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and involved in IT standardization. 

A.B. : Do you think that the presence of organisations such as TeleTrusT and the FNTC is indispensable in the European digital environment ?

Dr H.M. : Yes, absolutely. TeleTrusT is very much interested in cross-border information exchange. 

A.B. : Thank you very much for being willing to answer my questions.

Dr H.M. : If you want to, I look forward to meeting you in Paris so that we can strengthen our relationship and have a fruitful conversation on the subjects currently keeping us busy.