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CONEC7A Soluciones - News from Arturo Galindo Baquero - Bogota

E-Commerce in Colombia.

Historically electronic commerce in Colombia starts with Law 527 of 1999.
"Through which it defines and regulates the access and use of data messages, e-commerce and digital signatures, established certification institutions and other provisions."
The largest sector development has been the Retail EDI solutions.
The electronic invoice was regulated in 2007 by Decree 1929, currently the country is about to enter a phase of obligation by sectors of the economy since 2016.
Online payments have grown significantly in recent years, however, current statistics show Colombia in 57th place among 82 countries in banking issues hindering the growth of these services.
Other e-commerce solutions that have started with very good projection are:

  1. Electronic Messaging certified.
  2. Electronic Contracts.
  3. Biometric digital signature.