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October 15 - 16

"Towards CyberJustice" - Karim Benyekhlef

The next annual meeting of the research team will be held in the cyberjustice Laboratory in Montreal on October 15 & 16.
Karim Benyekhlef has been a professor in the Faculty of Law at the université de montréal since 1989.
He is the director of the CyberJustice Laboratory, which he founded in 2010.
Professor Benyekhlef is a member of the FNTC since 2013.

"Notarius" - Claude Charpentier

Since 1996, Notarius has been a trusted third party, leader in the production of reliable and authentic electronic documents during exchanges between professionals from various practices, their partners and clients.
Our products allow professionals to digitally sign electronic documents that have the same legal value as manually signed documents.
Notarius digital signatures are recognized by over 20 Canadian professional associations and 10.000 of professionals use them to sign millions of documents each year.