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EuroVote - Online Voting & online surveys of activity

Nicolas Giannoli  - Managing Director

"Our online voting activity continues its expansion with schools in Europe (Belgium, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Sweden ...) but also outside Europe (Russia, for example).  Our online surveys of activity, always anonymous, is developed through partnerships with consulting firms and we have recently launched a business dedicated to psycho-social surveys."

Mai 2015 : CVTrust joined the FNTC

David Goldenberg - co-founder/CEO

JUNE 2015: the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) has signed a master agreement with CVTRUST, allowing its schools members to adopt Smart CertificateTM as a new market standard for their CGE labelled programs

JUNE 2015: The French government has recognised that fraudulent qualifications are a social issue and around one year ago we started working with the Academy of Versailles (France) to issue digital versions of high school leaving certificates. Following a successful Smart Certificate™ pilot with the Académie de Versailles, our services are now being offered to a wider range, to 38 high schools of Versailles district.  With Rector Pierre-Yves Duwoye stressing that "digital certification is part of the development of digital technology that serves agile universities and supports the ecosystem of schools, universities, and employers ".  

CVTrust, specialising in data integrity technologies, has developped Smart Certificate™, a universal solution for issuing and managing digital secure credentials, i.e. educational diplomas, certificates and professional attestations with certified "origin".

This innovative solution delivers outstanding added value to educational organisations and companies allowing them to generatee secure digital credentails and allowing their gaduates/employees to store their credential(s) in a highly secure personal encrypted electronic 'safe', which remains entirely under their own control at all times. This facility makes it easy to present their invaluable documents to potential employers by downloading them as a PDF, inserting a hyperlink into their CV or directly integrating them onto their social networks.

Being adopted by some prestigious names in the academic world on board (in Europe and across the Atlantic), including INSEAD (France and Singapore), IMD in Lausanne (Switzerland) and the MIT Sloan School of Management (Massachusetts, USA), and in France such as HEC Paris, Académie de Versailles, Mines Telecom, etc., Smart CertificateTM confirms its universality, be it in terms of implementation (in SaaS or integrated mode), geographical markets, issuers of qualifications (initial and continuing educational institutions) or compliance with privacy regulations (European and American markets).

This platform is a true label of trust, allowing communities of graduates to value their most precious assets and ultimately opening doors to promising career opportunities